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March 30, 2006
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Anthro Fellowship + by nemosapien Anthro Fellowship + by nemosapien
I'm not sure what their story is but I thought alot about their character and personalities while drawing and coloring this. You can say that I was partly inspired by the character diversity in the Lord of the Rings and alot of RPGs.

Here's what I came up with while coloring this:
-The squirrel is a ranger who likes to think that he's the leader of the party.
-The turtle is a chivalrous knight who doesn't mind carrying the team on his back.
-The frog is an excellent swordsman but is a coward at times.
-The mouse offers her support behind the group as the healer.
-The crow specialzes in casting violent black magic spells under her calm exterior.
-And lastly, the rabbit is a crafty but laidback thief/ninja that likes to have fun at the expense of his fellow comrades. I'm not sure if he's got traitorous blood in him though.

You can come up with any other character details if you want. Enjoy.
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Dartpaw86 Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I bet the Rabbit possibly "Hung out with the wrong crowd" at one point from which he trained to be a thief. He might have had a rough childhood but doesn't care because it was in the past and just relaxes on what's happening now.
Also I noticed he probably lets his comrades go into battle first while he hangs out in the background. (Since the squirrel has an arrow ready there's probably a enemy nearby) and by the shocked look on the squirrel's face it looks like the turtle is betraying him (Since the turtle looks like he's going to attack him with a psychotic grin on his face)
Haha, awesome picture. Even though my favorite animals are squirrels, I love all the characters in the picture. Neat little synopses of them you have there. It looks like the perfect group for going on adventure. Perhaps they're off to discover what those flags (I think they're flags) on the mountain are for.
LOL! Such an awesome group XD
Mayocat Dec 18, 2007  Student General Artist
That's really swesome OwO I just adore the crow! Really nice designs :D
wow, but if it every where to be a movie it would have to be in 3D
My 3D animation tends to be stiff, so I can only imagine making the turtle 3D.
I did 3D modeling for two years buy I didn't make any animals.
SteinWill Sep 17, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha I jsut gotta love this picture! so cool characters and so well done! great job!
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